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What a Holster Should Do for You

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On the Outdoor Trails Network podcast The Revolution, hosts Jim and Trav discuss several aspects of concealed carry, from safety tips to finding the right firearm. But in a recent July episode, they discussed a topic that’s often overlooked by gunowners – the true function of a concealed carry holster.

Sticky Holsters’ Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice was on hand to provide insight into four key considerations – fit, trigger coverage, lifestyle, and carry position.

With fit, Rice stressed that the holster should fit your firearm’s frame or model type snugly. A proper fit ensures that the gun can be retrieved quickly and easily when you need it; an ill-fitting holster does just the opposite, which could put you in danger.

Rice also shared that the holster should cover the full trigger to avoid any accidental discharges. And regarding lifestyle, it’s important that the holster fits into your everyday life and is appropriate for the clothes you wear, the activities you participate in, and the places you go.

Also, the holster should allow you some flexibility with your carry position. All too often, gunowners save up for specialty holsters, but then find that the position is uncomfortable or inconvenient. They’re forced to spend on yet another holster instead of repurposing the one they already have.

Rice pointed out that Sticky Holsters checks every item on the list. There’s a wide variety of sizes to fit most firearm models, they’re designed to cover the full trigger, and, because they’re held in place with friction and compression (and not clips), they can be worn with most kinds of clothing and in several different positions.

Visit The Revolution’s official site to listen to the episode and read additional details about what your concealed carry holster should do for you.

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