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Sticky Shooting Bag


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The Sticky Shooting bag is a modular shooting bag can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the needs of the individual shooter/hunter in a specific scenario. The bag has 5 sides of PVC coated cordura nylon and one side of “Sticky” material and a waterproof zipper. The Sticky material prevents any slipping of the bag while it is on a ledge, rock, or stump. If the rifle has a bipod, the bag can also be placed under the stock to provide more stability. The filling is a bag of poly beads that impervious to weather and won’t absorb water like sand. There is a removable waist strap that comes with the bag. Using the waist strap, the bag can be secured to a free-floating handguard or the internal bag can be removed so the bag can be worn like a waist pack.


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