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At Sticky Holsters we love to hear from our customers! Each time we do it helps our reputation grow stronger. When we hear from a satisfied gun owner that our holsters exceed expectations out in the field, nothing could make us happier. We could go on and on, but don’t take our word for it…take the word of another satisfied customer!

Recently, we heard from Robert, who’s been using his Sticky Holster for over a year now. Robert uses his SM-2 Sticky Holster with a Taurus snub-nosed .38 special revolver. Like most of our customers, he found the performance and durability of his Sticky Holster to be exceptional, providing great trigger protection and non-slip drawing action.

Robert stated, “I wanted to tell you how awesome your holsters are. I was involved in a motorcycle accident last month and was wearing my Taurus .38 snub-nosed revolver in a IWB sticky holster. I hit a deer on my Harley and went down on my side where the gun was tucked, broke some ribs, scraped my side really bad and even shaved some rubber off the gun grips, but the gun never moved nor did my sticky holster. It stayed put in my waist band through my whole crash and slide. What an amazing product. You can use my story as a testimonial to the ability of your holsters to stay put. I will always have one for my CCW.” Sticky Holsters are designed to stay in place without clips, loops or fasteners, so placement options are virtually unlimited. We’ve even had customers report success carrying their holsters in tightly cinched drawstring waistbands. Unlike traditional holsters, which require tools and straps, the angle and position can be adjusted quickly and easily for any carry or draw style.

We’re glad to hear you are ok Robert and that your Sticky Holster exceeded expectations in a dangerous situation! Sticky Holsters is the first choice for those who value quality and versatility.

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