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Frequently Asked Questions

If your holster is starting to slip, or is not staying in place where you would like it too, it probably needs to be cleaned. The best way to clean you holster is to use a rag or wash cloth. Wet the rag and put a small amount of mild detergent (we use Murphy’s Oil Soap) on the rag and ring out so it is damp. Simply wipe down the holster and let it air dry overnight. This will help clean off any body oils and dirt and it will retain its stickiness again.


This is normal to have spots of wear and tear just like any holster. These will typically occur where the slide sits in the holster or at the bottom where the muzzle is. This will not affect how the holster functions because the “Sticky” Material covers the entire holster. If you are concerned that the wear is affecting the performance of the holster, please contact us.



We recommend that you simply remove your holster from your waistband, or pocket, re-holster then put back in your pocket or waistband. This only takes a second or two and is the safest way to re-holster your firearm.

This may happen for a few different firearms, depending on your sights and the model of the firearm. You can take a small piece of cloth (cleaning patches work well) and place them in the bottom of the holster. This will raise the firearm to your desired height, allowing the sights to sit above the top of the holster. 

Our holsters work on friction when carried in the pocket. If you have larger pockets you may need to apply a slight pressure against your leg as you draw to get the friction you need to keep the holster in place.


If you go to our link here, it will redirect you to our Dealer Locator. Simply type in your zip code and it will show all of the stores near you that carry our products.


In most cases yes, as long as the light does not hang below the trigger guard. If you are unsure, please give us a call and let us know the make and model of the firearm and the light.


In most cases, either the console was not cleaned prior to mounting the adhesive Velcro, or you did not allow enough time for the adhesive to sit before putting a gun in the Travel Mount. To properly install the Travel Mount, clean the surface with an alcohol pad or damp rag. Let the surface dry before mounting the adhesive Velcro. If you live in the south or where temperatures are extreme, mount the adhesive Velcro in the coolest part of the day, usually at night, and if you live in the north and it is cold, allow your car to warm up first. Press the adhesive Velcro on the surface and let sit for a few hours. You then can mount the Travel Mount to the Velcro. The Travel Mount was designed to hold a firearm for the length of time you do not want to be sitting or laying with it on your person. It is not designed to permanently store a firearm in a hot or freezing cold car.


Every Ankle Biter comes with the optional boot extension and the retention strap. It does not however come with a holster. You will need to order that separately.


No. The kydex insert is not designed to be used with a Sticky Holster. The kydex will pull out of the holster when the firearm is drawn. The Sticky Custom Kydex Insert is designed to be used with a Sticky Sleeve. 


All of our discount holsters and accessories have either a cosmetic blemish that happened during production or are returns that can not be sold for full price. These items are sold on an “as is” basis and there are no warranties or returns.

This means that the discount item has recently been sold out. There are no more discount items available, but you can purchase the full priced item.

We will need some more information from you, so please click on this link, fill out the form, and send you tax id form to and someone will get back to you in 24-48 Hours.

No. Our holsters fit thousands of firearms and because of this we have only listed the most popular ones in our drop down options. Please email us at if you can not find your firearm.


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