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Viridian Laser ECR Custom Holster


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When you draw, it’s on

Threat can arise in an instant. You can react just as fast. The split-second you draw, Viridian’s Enhanced Combat Readiness system ignites the brilliant green laser and/or taclight — targeting, blinding, intimidating in one reflex-fast move. Suddenly you’ve got the advantage.

With Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) now part of every universal Viridian laser and Sticky holster, you can achieve inhumanly fast response to crisis. The instant the gun leaves the holster, the laser fires a brilliant beam that cuts through daylight or darkness as fast as you can draw.

With virtually unlimited laser and/or taclight modes, and the breakthrough ECR system, Viridian has elevated combat readiness to a whole new level. Draw-and-activate is obsolete. Partner up with ECR and get the drop on evil.

The Viridian C Series, X Series (excluding RS), and REACTOR Series are equipped with ECR technology and activate when drawn from our Sticky holsters.

Please determine if your current Viridian laser sightis equipped with ECR technology first.

Now offering Viridian ECR Holsters.

Please write in “Notes” during check out the make and model of the firearm, as well as the model of Viridian Laser. Be as specific as possible. There are no returns or refunds on this holster.

This custom holster will work will all models of Viridian Lasers(R5, RTL, C5, C5L, X5L) and most firearms. This holster not only accommodates the laser/light itself but will activate and de-activate when the firearm is drawn or re-holstered.

Sticky Holsters allow you to deploy and adjust your firearm in seconds. No bulky clips or straps to get in the way. Our lightweight holsters weigh less than 3 oz. and the closed-end design keeps lint and dust out, while keeping gun oil off of you. Body heat and use conforms holster to your gun, so your holster fit will continue to improve with use.

**Caution: Uses magnets, do not place near electronics or other items affected by a magnetic field**

Viridian Holsters will typically ship in 2-3 weeks.


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