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VFW Provides Comprehensive Support for War Veterans

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Sticky Holsters is dedicated to supporting America’s veterans through organizations like Veterans of Foreign Wars, better known as VFW.

VFW’s slogan is “No one does more for veterans”, and that’s demonstrated in their continued efforts to ensure war veterans have all the support they need for a fruitful life post-war.

VFW is a membership organization that shows appreciation for war veterans’ service and patriotism through a slew of programs and initiatives. Among many other functions, VFW provides “welcome home” meals to boost the morale of service members returning home from combat, pays rent, utilities, or grocery bills for families facing hardship because of war, counsels officers, and offers programs for officers suffering from emotional distress.

The VFW Military Assistance Program has hosted more than 2.3 million service members and their families since 2005.

VFW also provides veterans with access to insurance programs, financial services, discounted publication subscriptions, travel services, entertainment deals, medical services, and retail and technology discounts.

And VFW doesn’t just work with veterans – they work for them. VFW has played a major role in every significant legislative victory for veterans in the 20th and 21st centuries, testifying before Congress 27 times in the last year alone.

Aside from its legislative priorities, VFW proudly supports women veterans, monitors veterans’ experiences with VA healthcare, informs veterans of initiatives and policies that affect them through the Action Corps, and champions the nation’s security through its National Security and Foreign Affairs program.

To find out more about the VFW’s efforts and donate, visit

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