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Helpful Tips for Carrying Your Firearm in Your Vehicle

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Sticky Holsters Carrying in VehicleThe average American spends almost 300 hours a year driving. If you’re a gun owner, that means you’re transporting your firearm in your vehicle almost daily. To ensure easy, unrestricted access, consider the following helpful tips.

How You Should Carry

It’s important to figure out how you’ll carry your firearm in your vehicle. Will it rest in the glove compartment? Will you keep it on your body or in a middle console? You want to choose the option that allows the fastest access possible.

If you carry on your person, you may have to fumble around with your seatbelt to reach your weapon. The glove compartment might prove faulty or difficult to open in high-stress situations. As an alternative to both, try our Travel Mount.

The Sticky Holster Travel Mount was designed to make car carrying stress-free. The mount holds both the firearm and the sticky holster together.  The mount’s adhesive attaches to your center console, and the sticky holster and firearm slide right in, keeping your firearm concealed but easily accessible.

The Travel Mount is ideal for temporary car storage, as heat from long-term storage can damage the mount’s adhesive.

Other Things to Consider

Conduct the necessary research before you hit the road.  If you’re traveling outside of your home state, it’s important to know the gun laws in the states you’re visiting.

Also, if you’re pulled over at any point, let the officer know that you have a concealed-carry permit and a firearm in your vehicle. Don’t simply say “I have a gun”. Keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times, and comply with any orders from the officer.

For many gun owners, car carrying is a way of life.  Make sure that it’s pain-free with these simple tips and our Sticky Holster Travel Mount.

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