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Sticky Holsters Featured on The Revolution Podcast

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Sticky Holsters Featured on the Revolution Podcast

Each week on The Revolution podcast, hosts Jim and Trav tackle timely topics concerning the outdoors and the firearms industry. Sticky Holsters was featured in a segment during the August 9 episode, “The Perfect Shot”.

Our Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice joined Jim and Trav to talk about Sticky Holsters’ product versatility. Specifically, the two hosts talk about a recent spate of news headlines in which young men and women have found themselves in dangerous situations without any ways to protect themselves. These people could likely thwart an attack if they had an easy way to carry a concealed weapon.

“All we want to do is just simplify carrying,” Rice said.  “If it takes five minutes for you to put your gun on, a lot of people will think ‘Hey, I don’t need this today’.” He went on to explain how the versatility and ease of use of Sticky Holsters solves this issue.

Jim and Trav also spoke to Sticky Holsters’ affordability.

“We’re a 100% American made product, we’re American-owned, American-operated,” Rice said about the pricepoint. He shared that many first-time gun owners spend almost twice as much as expected once they factor in ammunition and various additions. This motivated Sticky Holsters’ decision to create an affordable holster. “They’re getting quality, versatility, but they don’t have to take out a second mortgage on the house to buy a holster.”

Thanks to our affordability, quality, and versatility, Jim and Trav have become big fans of Sticky Holsters.

To listen to the full podcast episode, head to The Revolution’s official website. And to view Sticky Holsters’ full product assortment, head here.

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