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Three Advantages to Wearing a Waistband Holster from Sticky Holsters

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Yes, we like Sticky Holsters—but until you’ve tried one for yourself, it can be difficult to put into print why we like our unique brand of holsters better than anything else out on the market. It’s not easy to demonstrate that Sticky Holsters’ unique blend of grip and waistband comfort make it great for concealed carry.

But we think we’ve found a way to demonstrate why we’re such big fans of the product. Let’s explore what we think are three distinct advantages to wearing a waistband holder like Sticky Holsters:

Ease of Use, No Matter Where You Are

Obviously, Sticky Holsters are designed for states with the appropriate concealed carry laws. But we live in the real world—we know that some stores and restaurants won’t allow concealed carry simply by their own rules. Therein lies one of the great advantages of wearing a Sticky Holster.

Because no waistbands, belts, or clips are required with Sticky Holsters, you can simply pull out the holster and put it in your glove compartment, or even a Sticky Travel Mount. This allows you to quickly comply with private property rules—it’s that simple. You won’t have to feel clumsy as you disassemble a complicated belt clip in your car; you can simply unpack and go. There’s nothing to unhook, nothing to detach. You simply take it out.

No Additional Equipment Necessary

If you’re on a budget, then this advantage is right up your alley. Many people who are investing in concealed carry soon find out that the investment is more than they first thought. They have to buy belt loops or special belts or clips to go along with their weapon—and sometimes, rather than feeling “concealed,” all these extra devices do is make you feel self-conscious about the fact that you’re carrying.

But with Sticky Holsters, none of that matters. The Holster is essentially its own “additional equipment” thanks to its grip-ready exterior. It’s not sticky against the skin, but it does grip well enough to your skin and to your waistband that you can draw a weapon when necessary without worrying what will happen to the holster itself. What’s more, you can put this holster in a wide range of places because it’s a freer form of concealed carry.

No Bulkiness

Additional equipment isn’t just another expense; it’s also bulky. Concealed carry is called “concealed” for a reason—no one else is supposed to know that you’re carrying. Yet when you invest in heavy equipment that’s designed to conceal your weapon, it only adds to your bulkiness, making it difficult to wear comfortable and form-fitting clothes. Sticky Holster is different because it doesn’t add much bulkiness to your clothes other than the mass of the gun itself. It’s light and even flexible so that you’re comfortable wearing it without feeling bulked up.

Whatever your reason for checking out Sticky Holsters, we hope that you’ll give us a try and see what it’s like to wear a simple, minimalist holster that’s easy to transport, comfortable to wear, and offers the same functionality as traditional holsters.

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