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Taco Phone Holders Revolutionizes Workouts

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Do you hassle with your phone each time you workout? Are you tired of it slipping down the side of your workout clothes as you get your sweat on?

You’re hardly alone.

The trouble is, you use your phone to listen to music to keep you pumped up and ready to go. Oh, and who doesn’t love taking gym selfies?

So what’s the solution? How can you use your phone while you’re working out without a) getting it full of sweat, and b) having it fall down while you’re working out?

Introducing the Taco Phone Holder.

We know, it’s got a super cheeky name, but we’ve created this product to give you your gym-time back! Whether you’re jogging, doing yoga, heading out on a hike or just walking around your neighborhood, this super cool phone holder keeps your phone in place.

How it Works

The Sticky Phone Taco Holder lets you get your full workout on without ever worrying about how to keep your phone in place. The revolutionary design is made to fit snuggly inside the waistband of your jeggings, yoga pants, or gym shorts with easy. You can also toss it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go.

Nasty gym germs attach themselves to your phone when you set it on the floor or in the treadmill holder. Our Taco Phone holder prevents germs from coming home with you and keeps your phone safe.

The holder fits most phones and utilizes our industry-leading Sticky Material so it always stays in place. Whether you’re driving or heading out to the beach it will keep your phone where you want it.

Get Your Own Taco Phone Holder!

Change the way you work-out and stop fussing over annoying phone cases at the gym. Instead get your very own taco phone holder today.

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