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Sticky Holsters’ Versatility Ensures the Perfect Fit for Every Firearm

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Sticky Holsters are celebrated for making everyday carry comfortable, convenient, and safe. Many of the factors that make Sticky Holsters ideal for gunowners – waistband compression, range of carry positions – were discussed in “Avoiding Life-Threatening Situations with Sticky Holsters”, a comprehensive safety article published by Outdoor Trails Network podcast The Revolution with Jim and Trav. But in that piece, Sticky Holsters Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice discussed one major benefit that hasn’t received as much attention – interchangeability.

When you shop the Sticky Holsters online store, you’ll notice that you can select a holster based on the firearm brand and size that you carry. For example, let’s say you have a Heckler & Koch P2000.  The best holster for this gun is the LG-6 Short Sticky Holster. However, the LG-6 Short wasn’t designed exclusively for the P2000. It also fits several other guns, like the Smith and Wesson M&P, Glock 30 45ACP, Walther PPQ, all calibers of the Sig P320 Compact and 229.

Essentially, every Sticky Holster is designed with a semi-generic fit. So, you can use a single holster for several different firearms. This is especially beneficial for gunowners who have an arsenal of guns from different brands. Instead of spending extra money on holsters for each individual gun, you can invest in one and simply swap out the guns as needed.

This makes every Sticky Holster a sound, cost-effective investment and a highly functional everyday carry solution.

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