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Sticky Holsters’ Sponsored Athlete Places Eighth in Tactical Games

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We’re proud to recognize Shiloh, our sponsored tactical athlete who placed eighth overall in the October 14 installment of The Tactical Games. In his first-ever competition, he exceeded expectations and stood out amongst a roster of the country’s most skilled professional athletes.

Shiloh’s achievement is especially noteworthy considering the grit and determination required to excel in this arena. Originally based on secretive NATO Tier 1 unit events, The Tactical Games bring combat action to the world of spectator sports.

Contestants demonstrate their prowess in combat-related tasks under strict time constraints and also under physical duress. Imagine running a mile, dragging a 200-pound mannequin several yards, powering through an obstacle course, and then firing a pistol at a target 50 yards away. This is just one example of what The Tactical Games entail.

Athletes compete in the Men’s Elite, Men’s Intermediate, Men’s Masters, and Women’s Divisions, with a signup fee of just $275. Spectators are encouraged to cheer on their favorites from the sidelines at no extra cost.

The playing field consists of the best of the best. The obstacles and events are designed to test developed skill sets as opposed to building them. So, this isn’t an ideal event for beginners. This is where the experts come to push their limits.

However, The Tactical Games organization does offer courses covering the full range of skills required in competition, including tactical shooting, aerial platform work, ropes, and obstacle course navigation.

To find out more about The Tactical Games, visit

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