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New Sticky Holsters: A Product Review by Dave Grossi

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Product Review

Most readers know I’m a big fan of Sticky Holsters, Inc.’s family of firearms-related products. Owner Mike Christoff cut his cop bones for 15 years with the Dearborn, Michigan PD before finding the warmth of Southwest Florida where he spent another dozen years with the Marco Island, Florida PD. I’ve written about his line of items for several years, mostly focused around the original Sticky Holsters. For those unfamiliar with the Sticky Holster system, their IWB holsters are made from a proprietary sticky material on the outside with a tough but protective fabric inside. The holster is designed to adhere to not only your skin (via body warmth), but also waistband, undergarments, and the assortment of items made to accompany the holsters (via sticky material against sticky material) such as the Ankle-biter rigs and their two newest items described below.

Over the years, Mike has come up with an assortment of unique items; single, double and mini mag pouches, horizontal belt sliders for mags, cell phone cases as well as Sticky wallets. Christoff has debuted two new items in 2020; the Belly Band and the Guard-Her-Belt.  These new items are attracting a lot of attention in the concealed carry world. Both are designed to work with the original Sticky Holster.

Item #1. The Belly Band came about via feedback Mike was getting from officers who wanted something a little more versatile and adjustable than the original IWB Sticky Holster. The Belly Band is a 4” wide industrial strength plush elastic band and comes in three lengths; small, medium and large. Designed to be worn outside the waist and secured with Velcro, it’s made to fit virtually every waist size. The medium length I field tested is 34” relaxed and fits waist sizes from 28” to 44”. It wraps completely around the waist and allows the firearm/holster to be mounted anywhere along the band. The item has four built-in accessory pockets; the two smaller ones for an extra mag or a folding knife; the two larger ones will accommodate a wallet, cell phone, badge case, credit cards, travel documents or cash. After three months of field testing the Belly Band, I found it extremely comfortable even in the 90-degree heat of Southwest Florida. I switched off between 2 holsters, the MD-4 (for my Glock 43) and the MD-5 (for my J-frame snubby). Down here in tropical paradise, I’m usually found with an untucked outer shirt, either a tee shirt or a light polo. The Belly Band makes for a totally concealed carry regardless of what type of outer shirt I’m wearing. It’s priced at $39.95.

Item #2. The Guard-Her-Belt was developed via requests from female LEOs who wanted something designed especially for them but who desired maximum concealment when dressed a little more formally. Also 4” wide, it comes in three lengths (small, medium or large) and is made to work with any of the numerous Sticky Holsters but most often in conjunction with smaller guns and the SM size holsters. Made to wrap around the upper thigh via Velcro, the Guard-Her-Belt keeps the firearm completely concealed but readily accessible. It has two accessory pouches for either a second mag or a folding knife. The ambidextrous Guard-Her-Belt is manufactured using soft plush industrial strength elastic. The plush on both sides eliminates any chaffing or discomfort common with other brands of garter style holsters.  Like the Belly Band, drawing from the Guard-Her-Belt is easy and smooth as the holster stays firmly attached to the belt. Field tested by a retired female officer who carries a Glock 42 in a SM-5 holster resulted in high praises for both concept and comfort.  It’s priced at $29.95.

All Sticky Holsters, Inc. products are 100% American made and come with a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty. Should any item fail due to craftsmanship, Sticky Holsters will either repair or replace it.  If you’re unsure about specific holster sizes or belt lengths, contact the Sticky Holster folks and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Note: Sticky Holster products have become so popular that counterfeit Sticky Holsters and accessories using variations of the Sticky Holster, Inc. name (i.e., grippy, clingy, friction, etc.) have begun popping up on the Internet. These knock offs use different material other than the Sticky Holster proprietary material.  Sticky Holster products are ONLY available through authorized retail dealers or via Sticky Holsters, Inc. Call them to find an authorized dealer nearest you or use their Dealer Locator on their website,

Sticky Holsters, Inc., 4306 Arnold Avenue, Naples, FL 34104

(844) 416-1844, fax: (239) 434-1849,

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