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With Great Performance And Great Reviews, Sticky Holsters Hit The Mark

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Sticky Holsters Hit the Mark

Sticky Holsters have been around a long time, and our reputation grows stronger each day. We’re hearing from satisfied gun owners that our holsters perform above expectations out in the field. Sticky Holsters remain the first choice for those who value quality and versatility. However you wear your firearm, Sticky Holster is the sleek, user friendly concealed carry tool you can count on.

We recently heard from Josh at Down Range Daily, who’s been using his Sticky Holster for more than a year now. Josh uses his MD-1 Sticky Holster with a Sig Sauer P938 and a snub-nosed .38 special revolver. Like most of our customers, he found the performance and durability of his Sticky Holster to be exceptional, providing great trigger protection and non-slip drawing action

Though Josh used his holster exclusively for pocket carrying, other customers have reported comfort and support in a variety of concealed carry applications. Sticky Holsters are designed to stay in place without clips, loops or fasteners, so placement options are virtually unlimited. We’ve even had customers report success carrying their holsters in tightly cinched drawstring waistbands. Unlike traditional holsters, which require tools and straps, the angle and position can be adjusted quickly and easily for any carry or draw style.

After over a year of regular use, Josh remarks on how tough the construction is. He was impressed by the high quality of the stitching and of the interior and exterior material. Our special non-slip material is specially designed to grip when compressed, and it holds up to constant use. Over time, the spots with the most friction will show a little wear but this doesn’t affect the performance of the holster.

The verdict at Down Range Daily is clear: we make a great concealed carry holster. And for just $29.99 for any size and style? You can’t go wrong.

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