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Sticky Holsters: Fashionable, Comfortable and Reliable Concealed Carry Holsters

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Sticky Holsters are one of the latest innovative tools for concealed carry users. This revolutionary product virtually eliminates the use of heavy belts or clips, both of which can interfere with a quick draw when it is most needed. Many users stick pistols in their waistbands because it is simple to hide and simple to retrieve. However, this is not always a very safe option. With Sticky Holsters, the entire holster can be quickly slipped into a waistband or pocket insuring that the trigger guard is always covered, but when you go to draw, the holster grabs the material of the waistband or pocket, and the gun comes out as quickly as you need it to.

No belts or clips required!

Sticky Holsters are not only useful due to their innovative “stickiness,” they are also fashionable and a unique conversation starter among handgun enthusiasts. The holsters are designed for both men and women, and are unique in their ability to be quickly attached or detached. If you need to run into a store that doesn’t allow concealed carry, simply pull the holster out and stick it in the glove box or in a Sticky Travel Mount according to State Law. There is no unbuckling and buckling of the trouser belt if you need to detach it for a while. In fact, that’s one of the best aspects of Sticky Holsters—that users do not have to hook them through a belt loop or use a belt clip…you actually don’t even need a belt at all. You will need some form of light pressure to hold the holster in place, but according to some reviews, a pair of pajama pants with a drawstring provides enough pressure to keep the holster from slipping.

The Sticky Holster website has a dropdown menu on the home page that allows users to find the handgun they use, and the site will automatically determine which Sticky Holster is the correct holster for that gun. If you can not find your gun, please contact Sticky Holster for proper size assignment.Sticky Holsters work for small and large pistols with 20+ sizes to choose from. The holsters fit in your front pocket for smaller handguns, and help mask the outline of the gun for a better conceal.

How does it work?

Magic? No, sorry to disappoint you. And don’t be fooled by the name, the holsters aren’t sticky. What they have is grip. The exterior material of the holster is a non-slip, super-grip material (some users have likened it to material found on Wide Receiver Gloves in Football) that allows the wearer to tuck it into a waistband or pocket for easy conceal and comfortable wear, yet still provides a quick draw.

There is an inner liner of material, which helps reduce holster wear on the firearm. There is also a layer of foam. This foam provides a cushioning form of protection for the gun, and it also forms to a custom fit of the gun, which provides easier draws. While the foam conforms to the shape of the gun, the exterior material maintains its shape for a better concealed carry.

Sticky Holsters Accessories

There are several custom accessories for Sticky Holsters, but here are two of the most popular.

  • The Anklebiter Ankle Holster is a leg rig specifically designed for use with Sticky Holsters. This will convert your Sticky Holster into an Ankle Rig by means of wrapping the holster to your ankle. This also comes with an optional retention strap and extension piece which allows you to wrap it over a boot.
  • Sticky Holsters is pleased to present the Sticky Travel Mount. This simple yet agile addition to the Sticky line allows you the opportunity to mount your Sticky Holster and gun when it is no longer on your person. The Travel Mount works through the use of sticky strips, which are mounted in the location desired. A pouch is also included, which is attached to the sticky strip. The sticky holster can be slid easily into the pouch, and the pouch material then clings to the sticky holster in order to allow a quick and easy draw.

The sticky strips should be mounted in a location that is easily accessible when needed. For instance, if you are riding a motorcycle and don’t want to carry the Sticky Holster on your person, it can be mounted on the bike where it can be quickly drawn. However, make sure the surface will not get too hot (above 140 degrees Fahrenheit). Some of the many places for use: vehicle center consoles, motorcycle saddlebags, boat compartments, night stands, desks, and anywhere else you will want to have your handgun handy!

There are a few surface materials that Sticky Holsters should not be mounted on including vehicle dashboards, fabrics and flexible vinyl. It also should not be mounted underwater.

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