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Sticky Holsters’ Eric Rice Featured on Outdoor Trails Network

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When it comes to concealed carry, it’s important to figure out which handgun and holster are right for you. Unfortunately, these two aspects are some of the most difficult to navigate for first-time gunowners.

During a recent appearance on Outdoor Trails Network’s The Revolution with Jim and Trav, Sticky Holsters Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice spoke about making the right decisions in each category.

To start, Eric says you should let go of your ideas about what brand and model you want. More important than how the gun looks is how it operates. “What are you confident with? Does it have the features that you’re looking for?” Eric said. The coolness factor doesn’t matter – it’s all about functionality and purpose.

But the holster matters just as much as picking the right handgun. Ultimately, the effectiveness of your holster will determine how often you carry and in which situations you carry. He spoke about the motivation behind Sticky Holsters and why it’s an ideal holster for gunowners of all experience levels.

“We just wanted to make a product that makes it a little bit easier, a little bit more comfortable and a little bit more convenient to carry a gun,” he said.

Eric touted Sticky Holsters’ product versatility, taking out time to discuss the benefits of the Travel Mount and AnkleBiter. All in all, the episode serves as a great resource for those who are new to concealed carry.

Listen to the full episode here.

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