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Sticky Holsters’ Eric Rice Discusses Responsible Concealed Carry on The Revolution

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In recent months, Outdoor Trails Network’s podcast The Revolution with Jim & Trav has featured Sticky Holsters Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice for various conversations about everyday carry and the benefits of finding the right holster. However, in their latest discussion, they focused on steps gunowners can take to be more responsible.

One of the most important factors involves grip.  Many gunowners have questions about how tight their grip should be, and Rice acknowledges that there are many different schools of thought on the right answer. However, he shared with Jim and Trav that the right grip depends on the type of shooting (e.g. one-handed bullseye shooting, traditional two-handed shooting, etc.).

“Grip the gun as firmly as you need to grip the gun to control it and help manage the recoil on it,” he said.  He warned against over gripping, as this can fatigue the shooter’s hands, forearms, and wrists.

Rice also spoke with Jim and Trav about carry position. What’s most important is that owners practice carrying and drawing in different positions to get comfortable and figure out what works best for them. This practice ensures gunowners are ready in a situation where they need to act fast.

Sticky Holsters’ products, including the Belt Sliders and Travel Mount, were noted as effective, easy ways to secure firearms and avoid some of the common carry position pitfalls.

To listen to the conversation in full, visit Outdoor Trails Network’s official website.  And to shop Sticky Holsters’ full catalog, head to

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