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Sticky Holster is the Best Option in Close-Quarters Fighting

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In close-quarters fighting, the slightest mistake can lead to life-threatening injuries. USCCA, the United States Concealed Carry Association, recently highlighted some life-saving tips and strategies that gun owners can use in moments of imminent danger.

The most important aspect is proper concealment of your firearm. Sticky Holsters is your best option to keep your gun secure. In a physical struggle, the last thing you want to experience is difficulty reaching for your firearm or dropping it because of an ineffective holster. Sticky Holsters get the job done, so stability is the last thing you need to worry about.

However, as these situations are often unpredictable, you must protect yourself. This means you should never be in front of the muzzle, should the gun be turned on you. This also means keeping both hands on the gun. If you’re struggling to fight off an attacker, using both hands to secure your gun gives you the ability to land blows with your elbows. This also gives you a chance to rack the slide if you’ve already fired one shot.

In USCCA’s web series Into the Fray (episode 193), Concealed Carry Magazine editor Kevin Michalowski stresses that a gun fight is still a fight. At close range, proper gun use is important but only one piece of the puzzle. You must remember to use self-defense to ensure your gun isn’t used against you.

Most gun training courses don’t focus on proper gun use and protection at this range. Thus, many gun owners find themselves in dangerous situations that they aren’t prepared to handle. But with resources like these and a Sticky Holster at your side, you can stay in control of a close-quarters fight and avoid serious injury.

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