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The University of Florida’s Action Shooting Teams Teach Skills and Safety

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Sticky Holsters is proud to support the University of Florida and its various action shooting teams and community efforts.

The 3-Gun Team has two missions for its members – expand the sport of 3-gun and get to know themselves better at a critical point in their lives. The dedicated team participates in a slew of events and competitions throughout the year, including the Shoot GTR 3-Gun and Shoot GTR Championship and Shoot Off.

Learn more about the 3-Gun Team at

UF is also home to the Florida Gators Trap Skeet and Sporting Team. This team provides a friendly, safe atmosphere where participants can learn from fully certified instructors. They learn gun safety and techniques for shotgun shooting.

The team’s training facility is certified by USA Shooting and doubles as a regional training center for Olympic Trap. It features 3 skeet fields, multiple trap fields, five stand, and an official Olympic trap bunker.

The Trap Skeet and Sporting Team welcomes students, families, and shooting enthusiasts. Memberships range from $20 per semester for students to $80 per year for families. There are also special group rates for corporate companies and local Greek Life organizations.

In addition to hosting safe shooting practices, the facility’s grounds have a bit of rich history. The land on which the facility sits was once requisitioned by U.S. Army Air Forces in 1942.

To learn more about the Florida Gators Trap Skeet and Sporting Team, visit

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