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Sticky Holsters Safety at Your Side

At Sticky Holsters we love hearing from our customers. Every time we hear from another satisfied gun owner that our holsters have exceeded expectations out in the field or in everyday life, nothing could make us happier. We could go on forever, but don’t just take our word for it…take the word of another satisfied customer! And the safety at your side with Sticky Holsters.

Recently, we heard from Miles, who’s been using his Sticky Holster for 5 years now. Miles uses his LG-6 Long Sticky Holster with a Smith & Wesson M&P 40. Like most of our customers, he found the performance and durability of his Sticky Holster to be exceptional, providing great trigger protection and non-slip drawing action.

Miles stated, “I would like to thank you guys for such a quality product. I have used my Sticky Holster for 5 years now. The reason I know the duration, is because I just had to renew my Colorado Handgun Permit. I use my LG6 Long holster nearly every day and everywhere I legally can. I carry a Smith & Wesson M&P 40 that I purchased on my 21st birthday and my Sticky Holster from Amazon a few days after. Well that Sticky Holster that I purchased 5 years ago is finally seeing its first small rip from regular wear and tear. From college classes, to running after the train from campus, to graduation, to starting my family, Sticky Holsters has been (literally) by my side through it all and I am grateful for this product. I am writing to tell you guys that I am ECSTATIC to purchase another Sticky Holster from you guys and that I am a lifelong customer. I look forward to having yet another quality product by my side that helps allow me to equip myself to protect the ones I love around me and you guys are a huge part of that so thank you! I am so impressed and wanted to thank everyone that works for Sticky Holsters for such a wonderful product.”

Sticky Holsters are designed to stay in place without clips, loops or fasteners, so placement options are virtually unlimited. We’ve even had customers report success carrying their holsters in tightly cinched drawstring waistbands. Unlike traditional holsters, which require tools and straps, the angle and position can be adjusted quickly and easily for any carry or draw style. Sticky Holsters is the first choice for those who value quality and versatility.

We’re glad to hear you are pleased with Sticky Holsters quality Miles and that we have a new lifetime customer!

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