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Recognizing Nine Line Apparel: America’s Most Patriotic Clothing Brand

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Nine Line Apparel, a frequent collaborator of Sticky Holsters, specializes in clothing with a message. Their t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops promote unapologetic patriotism. Strong slogans like “I Stand For The National Anthem”, “Share a Round with ISIS”, and “America: Live It, Love It, Or Get The Hell Out” are emblazoned across rustic designs. Nine Line is edgy and proud, but the strength in its message has a powerful meaning…

In the military, the term Nine Line is used to request a medevac for soldiers injured in the field. More than a command, it’s an acknowledgment of brotherhood, camaraderie, and ensuring no man is left behind. Nine Line’s apparel takes that message one step further, amplifying its belief in America and sharing it with the masses.

Nine Line’s four co-founders have a personal tie to patriotism. Daniel and Tyler Merritt both served in the armed forces, while Angela Merritt learned about the sacrifices of having a deployed spouse. Myles Burke has become an even stronger patriot working alongside those who’ve served and sacrificed for the country.

In addition to its patriotic apparel and specialty collections, Nine Line prioritizes giving back. In December, the brand launched its first annual Hoodies for the Homeless event, a charitable initiative in which Nine Line team members donated clothing and listened to the stories of the homeless in their immediate community. Also, the team donated one hoodie to the homeless for every unit sold in December.

Nine Line is a brand with a purpose—to restore belief and pride in America, and promote brotherhood.

To find out more about Nine Line and shop the collections, visit their site at

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