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Sticky Holsters’ AnkleBiter Wrap System Featured on Trigger Time TV

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Sticky Holsters Ankle Biter Wrap System

Sticky Holsters’ AnkleBiter Wrap System was featured in a recent episode of Trigger Time TV. During the episode, our Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice joined host Tatiana Whitlock to discuss using the AnkleBiter for transport of medical supplies.

Whitlock stressed that in addition to carrying firearms, both instructors and gunowners need to keep medical supplies on hand. This ensures the safety of others and allows the gunowner to quickly tend to any sustained injuries. However, options to carry those supplies have been limited.

The AnkleBiter Wrap System offers an unconventional way to carry medical supplies. This modular concealment product works in conjunction with Sticky Holster’s IWB and Pocket holsters. It secures to the gunowner’s leg while also securing a holstered pistol  It’s infinitely adjustable and can also fit on top of uniform boots.  In addition to securing the holstered pistol, the AnkleBiter can store other weapons or accessories, like knives and extra magazines. And now, it can be used to secure medical supplies.

In the video, Rice covered the various medical uses of Sticky Holsters’ existing products. The Mag Pouches can house tourniquets and the Cell Phone Pouches can hold chest seals and gauze.  These pouches can then be secured at the leg with the AnkleBiter.

This is beneficial for a few reasons:

  • The gunowner has flexibility.  They can save money by using the same products for multiple uses and avoid investing in additional items.
  • The AnkleBiter enables increased readiness for emergencies and quick, easy access to supplies.
  • And the AnkleBiter is compact, perfectly suiting gunowners with smaller frames who want to avoid extra bulk.

Trigger Time TV brings together firearms professionals across the U.S. to provide the highest level of training and information for firearms enthusiasts. Visit their official website to learn more.

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