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Sticky Holsters Are the Perfect Solution for Gun Owners Who Don’t Wear Belts

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Sticky Holsters Solution for Non Belt Wearers

If you carry a concealed weapon, gun holsters are a major part of your everyday life. But most of the options on the market are bulky, expensive, and only work with sturdy belts. Thus, if you’re wearing a garment that doesn’t have belt loops, you’re left without a viable solution. The Sticky Holster is the answer to all these problems.

The Sticky Holster is an in-the-waistband (IWB) holster that doesn’t require any additional straps or gear beyond the holster itself. The outer skin is crafted from a non-slip material that easily adheres to any fabric it touches. And the interior lining and closed-cell foam help hold both your pistol and holster in place. No belt is necessary with the Sticky Holster—this is a solution that works well with anything in your wardrobe.

Additionally, the Sticky Holster works just as securely and effectively in your pocket or as an ankle holster.

Finding the right holster for your pistol is easy. The Sticky Holster is available in small, medium, or large, with several brand-specific options available for each size. And our site is designed to help you quickly identify the perfect choice. Select your pistol brand and model from our list, and you’ll find the recommended holster size and style. And if you don’t see your exact pistol on the menu, contact our customer service team for professional advice.

Even better, our holsters, at any size and style, are priced at just $29.95.

For a sleek, user-friendly, belt-free holster option, look no further than Sticky Holsters.

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