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Outdoor Trails Network Partners with Sticky Holsters to Help Gunowners Avoid Life-Threatening Situations

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Outdoor Trails Network’s podcast The Revolution with Jim and Trav recently compiled a detailed guide with advice on avoiding life-threatening situations, and they partnered with Sticky Holsters Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice for expert insight into everyday carry.

Rice shared that holster fit was one of the most important aspects of safety, as gunowners never want to drop their firearm or have trouble retrieving it. Sticky Holsters have a “semi-generic” fit that eliminates worries about fit for most handguns. Handguns of similar sizes can fit into the same holsters, so owners don’t need to fret about buying different holsters for every gun they own.

Additionally, Rice spoke about comfort, as this is a huge issue for gunowners. Guns that are heavy, often because of bulky holsters, can motivate gunowners to leave their firearms at home. Sticky Holsters are ideal because they use compression in the waistband to secure the firearm, making everyday carry comfortable and convenient.

Training is also a critical part of safe everyday carry.  Rice stressed how important it is for gunowners to get proper training and ensure they’re proficient. And if both members of a couple carry, it’s equally important for them to train together and become experts. Training for several different types of scenarios ensures that they’ll both be safe, effective, and efficient under pressure.

Rice also shared info about carrying positions.

To dive in deeper, read the full guide here and visit Outdoor Trails Network for back episodes of The Revolution with Jim and Trav.

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