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Outdoor Trails Network Features Sticky Holsters in ‘Buy Or Bust’ Segment

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Sticky Holsters Buy or Bust Segment

The Outdoor Trails Network website and radio show are trusted resources for all things outdoors, including hunting, fishing, off-roading, and firearms. Its Buy or Bust series offers detailed analysis, and an unfiltered view, of various products on the market. The goal is to provide readers with an objective take on each item, leaving them to decide if they should invest in the product or not. Sticky Holsters was recently featured in a Buy or Bust piece, and the verdict was overwhelmingly positive.

Outdoor Trails Network hosts Jim and Trav recognized the many ways that Sticky Holsters is “redefining concealment”.

They quickly moved beyond the obvious—that Sticky Holsters uses compression to secure the holster and firearm—to share more about how each holster is made.

“The ‘sticky’ material on Sticky Holsters creates a very tacky non-slip surface on the outside of the holster,” they wrote. “This sticky surface, in combination with the compression created by your waistband, keeps your holster firmly in place and in the event that you need to draw, it allows your firearm to slide out with ease while your holster remains in place.”

They went on to highlight the benefits of using a holster without loops or clips, the effectiveness of using Sticky Holsters in pockets, and the many design elements that make our holsters ideal for concealed carry. They cited that our holsters are “comfortable to wear without rubbing or poking your skin” due to the closed-cell foam and liner.

Lastly, they highlighted Sticky Holsters’ versatility and affordability, and the fact that each holster is American-made.

Visit to listen to the episode as well as past episodes of Buy Or Bust, and view our full assortment here.

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