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Operation Heroes Support Offers Hunting Trips to Disabled Veterans

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Operation Heroes

At Sticky Holsters, we aim to make concealed weapon carry accessible and affordable for firearm owners.  But this isn’t our only mission.  We’re also proud to support charitable organizations like Operation Heroes Support.

Operation Heroes Support was founded in 2016 with the objective of providing all-expense paid hunting trips to the nation’s disabled veterans and first responders.  OHS covers 100% of the trips’ costs, including travel to the hunting destination, lodging, meals, necessary licensing, guides, equipment, and even taxidermy.

The West Virginia-based organization began with just 1 event and 5 Heroes.  But since, the undertaking has grown to include 10 annual events across 14 states.

OHS is run by disabled veterans Brandon John, Alexander Brady, and Steven James, each of whom works on a 100% voluntary basis.  Thus, the organization spends every dime it receives on providing trips for its Heroes.

At the core of what drives OHS is a desire to build camaraderie between veterans and first responders (including police officers and firefighters) who’ve all risked their lives for the greater good of our country and individual communities.  They build this connection through what OHS calls “camp fire therapy” as well as a reconnection with nature.

OHS’ upcoming events, including a Pig Sticking Trip and MD Archery Deer Hunt, are filled to capacity, but events for the back part of the year, including a Nov. 28 Deer Hunt, still have open slots.

To learn more about OHS’ mission, donate to the cause, or join one of the events, visit their official Facebook Page or email the team directly at [email protected].

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