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Left Handed Concealed Carry Holsters

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This author has been legally carrying concealed for over two decades. In that time there have been revolutions in handgun and holster design that have proven that carrying a concealed handgun is truly something dynamic. Going from a shoulder holster to an IWB to pocket carry and from a 32 ACP to a 45 ACP to a 9mm bear this out. One instance stands out above all others; the gift and use of a left handed holster to a right handed shooter and subsequently proving this as a sound carry option.

The Holster and the Incident

A number of years ago, I purchased a previously owned handgun and with it came the proverbial “box of holsters”. Among them was a left handed piece made by a reputable leather worker who had since gone out of business, but made an outstanding carry rig.

My initial thought was that it would never be used and I considered selling it. Luckily I held onto it, because several months later it was soon needed.

My office was undergoing renovation which included tearing down a wall. A coworker, knowing my background in martial arts challenged me to punch through the wall and for some reason I agreed and helped demolish the wall. Two days later I realized that I had fractured my hand and it was totally useless for shooting.

Being an avid shooter, I am equally comfortable shooting a pistol with either hand, so the left handed holster was put to use for a few weeks while my right hand healed. The two lessons learned were to not try to cave in walls with my bare hand and to always have a spare southpaw rig, just in case.


Many readers may find purchasing spare holsters in left hand configurations a bit extreme. That is until they break an arm skiing and need to find one after the fact. Luckily Sticky Holsters alleviates this problem by their design.

Most, if not all of the holsters made by Sticky Holsters can be carried either left handed or right handed without additional hardware. This makes for a truly ambidextrous and cost effective option.

The relatively low cost of the Sticky Holster emphasizes the value when factoring in the ambidextrous advantage.

It does not address the training issue, which can be overcome with a few minutes of trigger time at the next range session. Practicing the manual of arms, drawing and reloading with your off hand is something that every shooter should incorporate into their routines.

You may not do something stupid like punch through a wall, but you could have your strong hand an arm preoccupied or it could be injured in the course of a violent confrontation.

Being prepared for any emergency is why most people carry concealed. Being prepared for the lowest common denominator such as having to use your non dominant hand in a defensive situation is one more step to total preparedness for any contingency.

Article provided by Mike Searson, Reno Firearms Examiner

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