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IWB Magazine Pouch: Why the Super Magazine Pouch is Your Best Option

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A magazine pouch might not seem like a complicated product. Nor should it be. But there’s no reason you should settle for a magazine pouch that only does one thing—store magazines. With their effective, versatile design, our Super Mag Pouches include lots of extras that make concealed carry even easier and more convenient.

With the Super Mag Pouches at Sticky Holsters, there’s more than meets the eye, including plenty of room for accessories, custom fitting inside the pouch, and a place to carry your concealed carry permit. And all of it fits snugly inside your belt or waistband for the familiar convenient fit that you’re used to from Sticky Holsters products. We believe the Super Magazine Pouch is your best option for storing magazines, but let’s explain why.


Let’s take a quick tour of the Super Mag Pouches. There are single mag pouches and dual mag pouches: both are big enough to carry accessories, such as folding knives, flashlights, and more. The pouches themselves are standard size, but there is extra material included, which allows you to customize your fit if you have a smaller magazine. All you have to do is pad the pouch with this material to get the exact right fit you’re looking for.

The mounting system is the most striking part of these pouches, as it includes the design to carry ID, such as credit cards, concealed carry permit, etc. You can have it through the belt, in between your shirt and the waistband, and it allows you to carry a lot of accessories while quickly storing it and readying it for concealed carry.

But those are not the only ways you can carry these pouches. Their size is appropriate for inside-the-pocket storage. They’re also capable of being held outside the belt (with the belt-in belt loop), and can even be held in Sticky Holsters’ exclusive A-frame mode, which means you don’t even need a belt to carry these pouches easily and comfortably.

Storage Options

Despite the ability of these super mag pouches to fit inside your pocket, they have a surprising amount of storage power. Small flashlights can be held inside these pouches, for example. You can also store a .45 magazine or a 38 special zip strip. And thanks to the extra material provided, you’ll be able to hold small magazines comfortably by using the extra material as padding.

These pouches ensure that you’ll have your ID, credit cards, or concealed carry permit easily accessible all the while. Carrying your concealed carry permit along with the pouches is a sure way to be confident that you have the necessary permit for your gun and that you never forget it. When carrying your ID is this easy, there’s no reason ever to forget it again.

A pouch is a simple product, but a great pouch can do more than simply carry things. A “super” pouch adds so many more options to your clothing, allowing you to easily store identification, flashlights, and more every time you bring your pouch with you.

super magazine pouch

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