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The Importance of Training with Your Spouse

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Quite often, the conversation about everyday carry focuses on personal safety. A lot of the products and training that are available to gunowners are geared towards the individual. However, in a recent discussion on the podcast The Revolution with Jim and Trav, Sticky Holsters’ Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice stressed the importance of dual training for armed couples.

Of course, both you and your spouse should be properly trained and proficient in the use of your respective firearms to protect each other. You don’t want accidents to occur because one of you is fully trained and the other is not.  But when both of you are trained, this also increases your safety in self-defense environments.

If two people proficient in firearms use encounter a perceived threat, they’ll be able to safely handle the situation and protect each other.

Rice also emphasized that if your home has multiple weapons, both you and your spouse should be properly trained to use each one. This means shooting, loading, and fixing possible malfunctions. Proficiency at every step is important to anticipate anything that could go wrong.

He cited his own best practices – he and his wife train for a variety of scenarios using all of the weapons stored in their home. This gives them both peace of mind. If a self-defense incident occurs and only one of them is present, they’re both fully equipped to take the appropriate actions.

Training with your spouse can keep you both safe when you’re together and when you’re apart.

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