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Select the Right Gun

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Select the Right Gun

At Sticky Holsters, we make it easy for you to match your concealed carry firearm with the perfect holster. However, before you reach that step in the process, you need to select the right gun.

You should consider three questions when selecting your firearm:

  1. Are you looking for a semi-auto weapon or revolver?
  2. Do you prefer a polymer or all-metal style?
  3. Do you need an internal safety or external thumb safety?

Semi-auto vs. Revolver

Problems can occur with all handguns. However, there’s a common misconception that semi-auto handgun problems are harder to fix. During a recent appearance on Outdoor Trails Network’s The Revolution, our very own Eric Rice explained the difference. Semi-automatic weapon problems can often be resolved with just a few repair steps. Revolvers, though they may have less moving parts, are much more complex to fix. These complications usually concern the internal workings of the handgun and are so intricate that it’s actually easier to purchase a new firearm.

Polymer vs. All-metal

There are some notable differences between polymer and all-metal frames. Polymer-framed handguns are rust- and corrosion-resistant, lighter to carry, and they’re generally cheaper. However, because all-metal frames are heavier, they produce less muzzle rise, or kickback, and provide greater accuracy. All-metal frames are also less susceptible to limp wristing, the phenomenon in which the lack of a firm grip leads to a jammed chamber.

Internal vs. External Safety

An external thumb safety offers yet another step to ensure you don’t fire off rounds unnecessarily. This often gives the gun owner more confidence when storing the gun, but it doesn’t replace common sense or proper holstering. An internal safety ensures your gun never fires unless you’ve pulled the trigger, but you don’t have direct control over it. This decision ultimately comes down to how comfortable you feel handling and securing your firearm.

Once you can confidently answer these three questions, it’s easy to narrow down the right handgun or at least obtain great recommendations from a knowledgeable, trusted gun salesman.

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