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How do Sticky Holsters Stack Up Against the Competition?

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So you’re convinced that Sticky Holsters are the perfect IWB (inside the waist band) holster for your concealed carry. Not only do Sticky Holsters provide an accurate fit for a wide range of gun models, but you enjoy the super non-slip material that safely adheres to just about anything, including undergarments, the inside of your waist band, and even skin.

But part of you still wonders if Sticky Holsters are the right selection, given just how much competition there is in the concealed carry holster marketplace. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea for a direct comparison between Sticky holsters and some of our top competitors:

The Find-and-Fit Feature

Finding another type of concealed carry IWB holster that provides non-slip material is not difficult—a quick search on Google will vouch for that. But one thing that separates us from the competition is our “find and fit” feature, which you can find on the home page of this very website.

By clicking under “Find Your Gun,” which you can see on the bottom of the “Find and Fit Your Gun” banner, you can easily choose from a wide range of models to find the fit here at Sticky Holsters that will best work for you. On many other sites, you’ll simply be directed to a “Fit Chart” which requires you to look up the fit, look up the model, and then browse through their offered models to find the fit for you. We simplify that process with just one click.

For example, if you need a concealed carry holster for Glock products, then you can easily click on the appropriate gun and we’ll direct you to a suggest holder. Done and done.

Accessories and Product Selection

Another category to keep an eye on is product selection. Is it easy to find a guide to conceal carry holster for Beretta products on the site, as we do?

Although we offer a range of fits for our classic Sticky Holster product, we also provide a number of different holsters, including the Ankle Biter holster, the Guard-Her belt, and the travel mount. It’s difficult to find these specific holster types at Remora, which offers gun holsters and accessory holsters, but few “sticky”-type holsters that fit a range of functions and purposes. You’ll frequently find additions to their standard model—for example, a dual pocket—but it’s difficult to find the range of holstering options at Remora that you’ll find right here at Sticky Holsters.

Each of our holsters comes with the easy accessibility of a typical Sticky Holster but allows the concealed carry in a different location—the ankle, the thigh, and the travel bin of your car, respectively.

Simplicity of Design

Our customers are in love with the Sticky Holsters simple design. The holster doesn’t include a lot of unnecessary compartments that add to the holster’s bulkiness or weight. Instead, the lightweight holster is made out of a non-slip material with maximum surface area to ensure adhesion to skin, undergarments, and the inside of the waist band.

We find that the simplicity of design isn’t just an aesthetic advantage, but an advantage in function as well. Although Blade-Tech holsters at Brownells can offer a high degree of function, they often require fastening to the belt or a sacrifice in comfort. The exposed surface area allows for quicker, smoother adhesion of the non-slip material, ensuring that you can get a proper and comfortable fit.

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