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Fun Coast Down Syndrome Association Raises Awareness About Common Genetic Disorder

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Sticky Holsters is proud to sponsor the Fun Coast Down Syndrome Association, a not for profit organization working to serve those diagnosed with Down syndrome and their support networks.

Fun Coast was founded by Paula Wilburn in October 2002 with a focus on Florida’s Flagler and Volusia counties. The core group consisted of concerned parents but grew to include friends, professionals, and extended family members, all with a personal connection to Down syndrome.

Primarily, Fun Coast focuses on educating children and local communities and ensuring schools have the necessary tools to better serve children with Down syndrome. The organization also advocates on behalf of people with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome is quite common in the United States, with a quarter million families affected. 1 in every 733 live births will result in a baby with this genetic disorder. The common form of Down syndrome is Trisomy 21, in which individuals are born with 47 chromosomes instead of the requisite 46. This results in delayed physical, intellectual, and language development.

But the family difficulties begin when the child is still young. Informing the parents is often a challenging process, and this is where Fun Coast steps in.

Fun Coast also hopes to raise awareness through annual events like the Buddy Walk. The 14th annual installment takes place March 23, 2019 at Matanzas High School. Participants can sign up and get additional info at:

Learn more about Fun Coast Down Syndrome Association’s work at

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