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Everglades City School Is Truly One of a Kind

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Every school is special, but Everglades City School has a little something extra that helps set it apart.  The single campus school is one of only two Florida schools that houses grades pre-K through 12th grade, and its facility is open to students from Everglades City and surrounding areas, including Copeland, Plantation, and Port of the Islands.

Everglades City School’s approach is reminiscent of one-room schoolhouses, in which local children learned together regardless of grade and spent their entire academic career in one institution.

The experience is curated – the school’s headcount hovers around 200, with graduating classes of 10 or less.  Nothing like the average American school, where student populations can reach the thousands.

The school’s primary focus is on creating a learning environment in which students use open communication and practice fairness and mutual respect.  Everglades’ school slogan is “Believe And You Will Achieve.”  That slogan is echoed by the beliefs posted on the school’s official website, which include a dedication to each student’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Aside from the single campus education model, Everglades is like any other school. Its winter sports calendar will include cheerleading and varsity basketball.  There are special academic programs like Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement, and STEAM. And the website includes a host of resources for students, parents, and volunteers.

Everglades’ reach may be small, but its impact on the local community is immeasurable.

Sticky Holsters is proud to support its mission. To learn more about Everglades City School, visit

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