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Easier Appendix Carrying with Sticky Holsters

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In everyday carry, each individual gunowner can choose the carrying position that best suits their needs and preferences.  But with traditional holsters, choosing a unique position is tricky.  For starters, traditional clip holsters force you to flip the clip to the other side to make adjustments.  In some cases, you might even need to use a tool to change the clip angle. And, dedicated appendix holsters are only designed for appendix carry; they can’t be adjusted for different angles.

However, because Sticky Holsters doesn’t use loops or clips, gunowners can conceal their firearms using appendix carry or any position they see fit as long as there’s enough compression.

During a recent safety discussion with Jim & Trav from Outdoor Trails Network’s podcast The Revolution, Sticky Holsters Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice shared that he prefers appendix carry.  Of all the carrying positions, it’s the easiest to conceal.  If he’s bending over to pick something up, he doesn’t have to worry about pulling his shirt down to cover his firearm.  And in the event that he needs to draw his firearm, he can reach it with either his left or right hand, even if the other hand is occupied.

Where traditional holsters make appendix carry quite difficult, with little room for easy adjustment to fit your carrying preferences, Sticky Holsters’ groundbreaking design makes appendix carry – and all carrying positions – easy and comfortable.  With a Sticky Holster, you can carry your firearm as you see fit, without having to fumble with clips or tools or limited functionality.

Shop the full catalog of Sticky Holsters to make your transition to appendix carry today.

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