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Recent posts recently took our Sticky Holster for a spin and published an extensive review, in which writer and President Jacob Paulsen detailed our product’s many benefits.Sticky Review

Paulsen was initially apprehensive about testing out a newer holster style but he quickly learned how effective the Sticky Holster is.  He used the SM5 model holster for his Sig P365.  The fit was perfect, and he noted that Sticky Holsters provides a wide range of SKUs to fit over 100 different firearms.

He was impressed with the holster’s IWB carry capability, though he suggested holster users maintain a certain degree of tension and avoid wearing their holsters with loose sweatpants or pants without belts.

The holster’s perfect fit was ideal for Paulsen because it allowed for a good draw.  He wrote, “There is space where the trigger guard meets the grip to establish your strong hand grip and while the trigger guard is fully covered, the cut of the holster is such that it doesn’t cover up the top of the grip or the rear sights at all.”  In essence, the holster doesn’t get in the way, and he experienced this over several drills.

Paulsen also pointed out how the Sticky Holster held his firearm in a snug way and created natural retention.  And to top it all off, he praised the holster for being comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

Additionally, he spoke to the capability and effectiveness of other Sticky Holsters products, like our AnkleBiter rig, mag pouches, travel mount, and holsters with Kydex inserts.

To experience the power of Sticky Holsters for yourself, head here.

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