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Concealed Carry Handgun Buying Guide

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People who appreciate and support their rights to carry concealed weapons and want to begin doing so have a few choices to make. Actually, a lot of choices to make. In the past, “concealed carry” meant, in most cases, a snub-nose revolver. Today it can mean all kinds of things. Here’s a concealed-carry buying guide to get you started.

Is Weight a Factor?

Although most firearms that are small enough to be concealed won’t put a heavy burden on your musculoskeletal system, you need to consider a piece’s weight when making a purchase. Will you be carrying the gun all day, or just periodically? Many handguns fall into the three-to-four-pound range, which isn’t a lot if you’re talking about a bag of sugar, but that weight can be bothersome for some people when carrying it for hours at a time.

Where Will You Wear It?

Some gun owners like to wear their firearms on their waistbands. If you’re one of them, you want to have a piece that is relatively smooth for comfort (i.e., not a lot of sharp edges or angles). Those who prefer a shoulder, leg or ankle holster shouldn’t have to worry much about the gun’s shape where comfort is concerned.

Safety Features

Often, concealed-carry guns are “striker-fired,” meaning they have just an integrated trigger safety. With these weapons, after cocking, a pull of the trigger will cause firing. You may be more comfortable with a manual safety that you can keep engaged while the weapon is being carried. Note that carrying with the safety engaged necessitates that it be deactivated in order to draw the gun. If you’ll be using a safety function, make sure you can conveniently get to it.

What Caliber is Right for You?

There’s much debate surrounding caliber, but it basically comes down to the caliber you can efficiently and accurately shoot. Caliber size can perform differently in different-sized guns. With a full-size .38 Special or 9mm round pistol, shooting is easy. The same calibers in a compact weapon can produce a stronger recoil. For some, this can be an important consideration. Bottom line: carry a pistol you can comfortably manage.

Never Owned a Gun?

Seasoned gun-owners understand caliber and recoil and all those concepts. If you’ve never owned or carried a gun, it’s a good idea to shop at a reputable gun store with a firing range, where you can test various models and get a “feel” for how they’ll perform in your hands. Before joining the concealed-carry ranks, you’ll want to understand your weapon and be confident in your ability to use it.

What About a Holster?

If you’re going to conceal-carry in a holster, we believe the Sticky Holster is simply the most comfortable and convenient that money can buy. They’re designed for various parts of the body and are appropriate for both male and female gun owners. Browse our site to learn more about this innovative accessory, or call us at (239) 434-1844, and find out why Sticky Holster users are users for life.

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