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Comfort is Key in Everyday Carry

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In a recent safety discussion on the podcast The Revolution with Jim & Trav, Sticky Holsters Operations and Sales Manager Eric Rice shared that many gunowners fail to carry their firearms on a daily basis, despite investing in them to guarantee their personal safety day in and day out.  The reason?  Carrying a firearm is just too uncomfortable.

Quite often, carrying a firearm becomes a burden.  If you use a bulky holster, which describes most of the options on the market, it weighs down on you and puts unwanted pressure on certain parts of the body.  It binds your clothing, and it never stops feeling like an obstruction.  But Sticky Holsters are the perfect solution for this problem.

Unlike holsters that clip onto your belt or the waistband of your pants, Sticky Holsters use the compression from your waistband and an outer “sticky” skin to hold your firearm in place.  No loops and no clips necessary.  The outer skin is crafted from a super non-slip material that can easily adhere to anything, including your skin or undergarments.

In turn, Sticky Holsters are comfortable and convenient to use, removing all of the obstacles to everyday carry.  The easier it is for gunowners to carry their guns, the safer they’ll be.  This means that you’ll have your gun when you need it.  It also means you won’t spend time fumbling with your firearm to get more comfortable, a behavior that could alert people around you that you’re carrying.

Sticky Holsters are the ultimate comfort solution for everyday carry.  Shop our full catalog to find the perfect option for you.

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