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SM-5 Small Sticky Holster


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Designed specifically to fit Glock 42, Sig Sauer 938, Kimber Micro, Diamond Back DB9, Kahr PM9/40, Kahr CM9/40, Sig P365 and any other similar size firearms. If any of the above guns listed has a Front mounted laser Click here for our SM-5 Modified for laser.


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3 reviews for SM-5 Small Sticky Holster

  1. Ray T

    This holster is flexible and comfy preventing the bite felt from leather holsters. Easy to use and extremely concealable. Adapts to multiple wear and carry positions without having to use any tools or make any modifications to the holster.

  2. FISH84

    Great products! Highly recommend!

  3. CT

    SM-5 Fits my Hellcat, but snug. Material does cover trigger and guard, but just barely. I almost find myself wanting another 1/4 to 1/2 material past end of trigger guard to just cover a touch of the mag release. I use Sticky’s for AIWB because they are the most comfortable on the market hands down, but I worry a bit about it inching up a bit and something snagging that trigger but hasn’t happened so it’s probably me being paranoid.

    For anyone wondering material is tough enough to keep anything from pressing into that trigger guard so it’s fully protected. I’ve tried to press the trigger through it and cannot. So if you’re tired of having a hunk of frikkin plastic in your belt cutting into your stomach/belly/whatever try a sticky. They stay where you put them as long as your belt is snug enough. I’ve worn one all day with no issues and no discomfort.

    Kinda wish Sticky would make AIWB versions or maybe a kydex version with sticky material on the outside (or maybe an internal kydex trigger cover). That would probably be the end-all-be-all holster. Something that has a belt loop but made out of the sticky material.

    I have several appendix rigs that would benefit greatly if they had the sticky material on the outside. Because they are super uncomfortable to wear no matter what you try the kydex eventually eats into your skin.

    Sticky Reply- What you are describing is the exact reason we developed our Comfort Pad. A Sticky Pad made from our material that mounts to any plastic holster.

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