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Belt Slider


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Product Description

Sticky Belt Slider- This is our elastic magazine carrier that slides onto a belt. It will fit most belts up to 1.75″. You can use the accessory slot to carry an extra magazine, knife, or tourniquet. The accessory slot also has our “Sticky” material to help hold smaller or smooth items in place. It is open ended so a variety of different sized items can be carried from a single stack .380ACP magazine up to a large double stack .45ACP magazine and everything in between.

2 reviews for Belt Slider

  1. Chris

    Great idea. Love the horizontal vs vertical. Only need to make them a little longer and enclose one end. I know that will make your logo to possibly be upside down but either make two versions or don’t worry about it.

  2. Booger

    Belt slider is great and the price is even better. Really helps guys/gals with Dunlap(that’s when ur belly “dunlap” over ur pants).

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