I like your holster alot. I have a Ruger LCP and I really find it an enjoyable holster! – Peter, OK

simply awesome!!!– jim holtz, OK

Picked up a Sticky Holster for my XDS and was so impressed that I immediately ordered one for my 1911 and two mag pouches. Having used other IWB holsters such as Crossbreed, I can say with 100% confidence I have finally found the perfect holster. – Brad, NC

This is the best holster I have ever purchased for what it is intended for, concealment. I am a commuter, meaning I ride my bicycle to and from work 4-5 days a week and I carry an XD-40 on those rides every day. The holster does not move at all, even with all the pedaling that I do. Also it’s the most comfortable holster I have owned yet. I bought one for me and my wife’s 380 and she loves it as well. We had a sizing issue but the fine folks at Sticky Holsters took my wife’s holster and resolved the issue without any questions. They truly stand behind their product. I would recommend this holster to everyone. – Ronnie S. – CCW Holder, FL

I recently got Sticky holsters for my Bersa .380 and Baby Eagle 9mm. I walk each morning and carry my Bersa. The Sticky Holster stayed in place the entire time and was very comfortable. Decided to test the 9mm. Much larger gun and quite a difference in weight. It too stayed exactly where I put it in my waistband. In both cases I was wearing heavy cotton workout shorts and carried the guns in the front. As a shooting instructor, I can and will confidently recommend these holsters to my students especially my Conceal Carry students. – J.J. NRA Instructor, FL

I have had my Sticky Holster for a S&W Model 36 for about 2 weeks now. This is one of the best conceal holsters I have ever used. It is quick to deploy and stays where you put it. I also have the BUG Pads and the Ankle Biter. I have been using the Ankle Biter at work for the last week and it is the ankle rig I have used that truly keeps the gun where I put it. There is no shifting and sliding whether driving, walking or running. The gun stays put. The BUG Pads are a great way to keep a back up weapon strapped to your vest under a button front uniform shirt, and still keep the gun secure and ready for action. Sticky Holsters has a great system that holds up to life! – Matthew J., OK

Finally a holster that is perfect for me! It is so easy to wear and goes with all my slacks. It felt like it was made just for me and I wore it all day. It was recommended by a friend who heard I was having trouble finding the correct holster and as always, word of mouth is the best advertisement. Also shipping was fast. – Deb, OH

I received my Sticky Holster for my new M&P Shield 9mm. This holster is amazing. It fits perfectly. Once you put it on, you almost forget your carrying a pistol. It’s thin and light with no bulk that some other IWB holsters have. And the price can’t be beat. – Chris D., PA

I just wanted to say thanks.I received my new sticky holster the other day and took it for a 3 mile run, just to see how it would hold up. I carried my Glock 26 and wore my regular running attire-shorts and a t-shirt. I was amazed. I had to tighten the string on my running shorts a bit, but I had no problems with the holster sliding around. It was very comfortable and most important, unnoticeable. Great product! I’m already showing it off and giving out the web address. – Steve B. – DHS Agent, TX

Mike, I have enjoyed our conversations while talking ‘shop.’ As I mentioned to you, it does work!!! Once I read about your holster on PoliceOne.com I knew this must be a winner…I have worn it for myself and and the ‘stickiness and comfort’ is just awesome. Being retired, my ‘uniform’ of the day is either basketball shorts or cargo shorts especially in the summer. I pondered all Winter and Spring about how I was going to carry when I was’nt wearing jeans and boots. Well, that concern has been put to rest, I’m wearing shorts and have’nt taken the Sticky off all day since recieving it this morning. I have jumped to see if it would move, I have sat and gotten up repeatedly, the Sticky has not moved. It is so comfortable I forget I have my S&W 6906 on, I’ve already begun to pass the word on and will continue to do. Thank you for a superior, American made product Mike…and may God continue to bless you. – MV Font, Retired LEO, TX

Fabulous product. Well made,fits the gun perfectly and everything stays where you put it. In addition to a great product, this company provides outstanding customer service and fast shipping. Overall, five stars. – Jim, OR This holster is much more comfortable than others and better made. The nubs on the some other holsters gave me a rash Sticky holsters are the most comfortable IWB holster ever made. I showed them to all my shooting buddies and they are ordering them now too. – EA, NE

The Sticky holster arrived. What surprises me most is how COMFORTABLE it is in usage. A belt doesn\’t have to be cinched tight and the padded holster doesn\’t cause discomfort as some hard molded holsters do. And of course it adjusts easily to different carry positions on the body. Nice piece of work ! – Pam – Isreal

Groovy holster, dude - Benjamin, IA

I have an HK, a Kahr, and a J-frame Smith and Wesson. I bought holsters for all and an Anklebiter for daily use. The products are tremendous…the best I have seen in 30+ years as a LEO. Good job. – Ret. Lt.-Florida, FL

I just bought a Kahr CW9 - and bought my first Sticky to go with it!! FANTASTIC – I wore it around walmart the first night and had NO problems, just absolute comfort!!!!!! – James D, FL

I'll make this short and sweet, Great holsters,I have one for my Glock and my dad liked it so much he had me order him one also, Great customer service, Thanks again Mike. Scott, Wa

I received one of your Sticky Holsters one week ago and have been wearing it with my Smith & Wesson 990 full size everyday now for a week. I must say I have tried to carry IWB in many types of holsters for over 20 years. I never found one that I could wear for over a few hours. Your holster is so comfortable I have worn it for over 8 hours a day and forget I have it on! It stays put all day no matter what I am doing. You have earned my business. Great product. – Russ S – Retired LEO,

CO I found Sticky Holsters at the Arizona gun show.I had heard about them & they are exactly what I was looking for a clipless IWB holster. I retired all my other holsters & know it is sticky all the time everyday. I hope it holds up. Have worn it every day since & it fits perfect in my Kahr CM9. Thank You!! Best 25 dollars I ever spent. – Rob, AZ

I had never heard of Sticky Holsters before, and just happened to run across a Glock Forum that had a member who purchased one. He absolutely loved it and after seeing the pictures of his holster I checked out your site. I figured for the money, I couldn’t go too bad wrong if I didn’t like it. Well, all I can say is I LOVE it. It is by far the best conceal holster I have used and is the most comfortable. I ordered the MD-4 for my Glock 36 and it fit it like a glove. I love being able to just slide it right in to the waste band of my pants and position it where I want it and go. No clips to worry with, no uncomfortable leather or snaps against my skin. I showed it to my father, who immediately decided to order one for himself, and I will be ordering another for my wife. Her Ruger SR9C also fit the MD-4 perfectly. Thanks for an outstanding American made product with the perfect warranty. That’s how it is done in America!! – D’Wayne, KY

I’ve built many leather holsters but these appear to be far more suitable for my needs, largely due to simplicity and versatility. – Tony M, FL

Great holsters. A gun dealer recommended a MD5 for my Dan Wesson .357 2.5 in. barrel revolver. I bought it and with a little working the gun in and out I’ve been able to get a pretty good fit. Kudos for comfort and concealment. – Greg Foster, TX I've been carrying my G26 in your holster for over 8 months now. I wear it under my body armor as a backup and carry it off duty every single day. It’s so comfortable whether I’m wearing jeans or running shorts. I carry AIWB off duty and when working plain clothes and this holster is perfect for AIWB carry. It conceals better than any IWB holster I’ve ever owned. – K.S. – Federal Agent, AZ

Sticky Holster and Super Mag Pouch are GREAT!!!!!!! The holster fits my I.O. Hellcat .380 like a glove!!! – Frances L., OR Wow, I bought a XDS .45 the other day. I’ve always carried a high end IWB holster, but needed to order one to fit the new gun. I picked up a sticky as a temporary concealed carry holster while I waited for my favorite to be made and delivered. I wish I could cancel the other order. I’m surprised at how secure and comfortable this sticky is! From full dress clothes to just a pair of board shorts around the house, it will not move. The best part is unlimited options for cant , height, or position on your waist. I’m sold – Rick Davies, FL

As a short, heavyset female, I had a hard time finding an IWB holster that would work for me. I bought a Sticky and I love it! I would absolutely recommend them for anyone, but especially larger women who’s curves often get in the way of easy concealment. – Rae, NC

I ordered a Sticky Holster for my Glock 27. I initially had a small shipping problem, but I called, and it was taken care of immediately. I was very impressed with the customer service. When the holster finally did show up, I liked it so much that I’ve already ordered a second one for my revolver. Thanks Sticky Holsters! – Chris, AR

Sticky Holsters are the most versatile product on the market today. The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. With a Sticky, I can conceal carry several different types of firearms in a variety of different positions from front pocket, in the waistband, and my favorite–cross carry between the belt and pants since Sticky holds so well in just about any place you stick it, no matter what style of clothing you wear. Before Sticky, I was completely unable to carry IWB because nothing on the market felt comfortable at all. Sticky Holsters put Uncle Mike’s and DeSantis to shame and have virtually no printing issues whatsoever. You simply can not go wrong with one of these holsters. Get one for everything you carry.- Jimmy, TN

I started testing Sticky Holsters about 3 weeks ago. I’ve got a small sticky for my KelTec P32 in an Ankle Biter rig as a backup. I have to say, after having carried my back-up in a Galco Ankle Rig for over a year and experiencing itching and discomfort from the shearling, I’m very pleased with the AnkleBiter. I can wear it 12-13 hours a day without even knowing it’s on. The rig is designed such that it does not turn during regular wear, insuring sure grip acquisition and orientation maintenance. I have tested this rig on a trampoline, which may seems strange, but is how I test all my holsters. If I can draw quickly and smoothly, acquire grip consistently, and jump on the trampoline with my nephews for an hour and feel no movement of my weapon in a new holster, then it passes my test. The Sticky Holster Ankle Biter doesn’t allow the gun to budge a millimeter! Extremely solid! The gun stays where I put it and the comfort and padding is outstanding. – Keeping the Piece, KY

I just got two, one for my keltec p11 and one for the taurus pt111 pro, the pros are nearly impossable to find a holster to fit. I saw them on a web site. I wear small of back or back pocket, they work perfectly and look and feel great, quality is top notch also. Ive tried the clip draws and was not real happy with them, they want to work there way out my pants, not a great feeling, but these things just dont move from where I put them and Im always surpised when the holster does not come out with the gun, very smooth draw. Thanks for a good product at a reasonable price. – Alan, WA

These things are absolutely amazing and stay in place no matter what. You hardly even notice you are wearing these holsters. Every new handgun purchase will also include a new Sticky Holster. – Scott G., FL

Ladies.... the holster you've been looking for is finally here!!! No belt loops or clips that are designed for MEN…they work awesome I will never use the other 6 holsters I bought previously Sticky Holsters are the BEST!!! I have used it everyday for over a year , its so comfortable and concealable that I never have a reason NOT to use it . – Sheila, MI WOW! Fastest service I've ever had from any company on the net. Ordered the holster on Friday PM and received it Monday PM. Now have two” stickies” and they are a great product. – RussW., NC

The wife bought me a Sticky Holster for my Glock 27 this past Christmas, and I could not be happier. It’s ridiculously comfortable, and I carry IWB off-duty now more than I ever have. I completely forget that the gun is there. Stays put in jeans or sweatpants, no problem. Great product! – Gabe, LEO, WI

I use the Sticky Holster for my Glock 26.Best pocket holster I have ever used. Stays in the pocket when drawing. Great product!! – Ken m, TX Had my gun dealer sell me one several months ago,was very sceptical that it would work. I was wrong, it works great and is so easy to use, and the price is completly affordable. Thanks Great Product – Darrell F., OK

I purchased this holster thinking what’s 30 dollars when I’ve spent hundreds on other systems let’s give it a try. I thought no way can it stay in place with no clip boy was I wrong. I run with it daily and it stays put period. I will never buy another rig to carry my weapons; this holster is truly the best I’ve ever used. Sure its not pretty like a Milt Sparks but I’m all about business does it do what I need it to and is it comfortable. The sticky holster fits the bill in all areas. I’m 6′ 190lbs and I can carry a full size HK45 with ease in this holster. Thanks again for a wonderful product. – Shawn (USAF) ID

I bought one for each handgun.By far the most comfortable holster I have ever owned. What do I do with all the others I have ? I carry my XDS now when before I was restricted to a 380 because of ease of carry. For the cost buy one and see what I am talking about. – Art G, FL

Great product. well worth the price (very reasonable), easy to use, very well made.Very comfortable wearing inside the waistband.I carry a PPK and it fits wonderfully. I would buy another one and I am buying a super mag pouch next. I would recommend this product to other gun owners. Paul, cwp holder. – Paul , SC

I received a sticky holster as a shot show promo. It was sent to me with the stipulation that I write a honest review. My review is pretty simple. I LOVE this holster. it doesn’t fit every niche, but it definitely is the most comfortable holster I have. I was skeptical of it staying in place after a draw and I have been proven wrong time after time. Thank you again Sticky Holsters! – Lyle James, IL

The holster performs as advertised. I would recommend these holsters to anyone. Good performance at a low cost is a deal that is hard to find. – DaFarmer, NY
I just got the MD-4 holster for my Glock 26 at my local gun store, Hot Shots Shooting Range. This holster is amazing!! Far and above the best conceal holster I have EVER used! Extremely comfortable, very well constructed, it doesn’t “print” when I use it, and it absolutely stays wherever I place it in my waistband. You guys have an outstanding product here, and I will be recommending this to everyone I know! – Tim F., FL

I recently purchased a sticky holster for my glock model 27. I am pleased with my purchase. it works as advertised.I carry a weapon many hours out of the day and find this holster to be very comfortable. Thank you Sticky Holsters. – Mike, NY

I was told about these from a fellow LEO and bought two, one for Glock 19 and the other for S@W .380, love them both and have sold all other holsters I had, these are simply just amazing! Awesome product and they stand behind it, had a fitting issue with .380 holster and they replaced it ASAP! will tell everyone about this product. – ChadWick Adams, OH

I bought a sticky holster when I purchased my pf9.I figured I would use it untill I found a holster then give it to the dogs to chew up, but wait it works! I don’t have to be disappointed any more. I don’t have to look behind me at the store to make sure it is ok to adjust my CCW. No more parking in the last space so I can don a cumbersome rig with loops and clips. Thanks Mr. Sticky – Mike, AL

the sticky holster does everything they say it will and more. when i need to tuck my shirt in i use the sticky holster with a belly band holster. put the sticky holster between the band and your body and tuck your shirt in. stays in place all day and is more comfortable the the belly band alone. great service and fast shipping what more could you ask for. worth every penny. – John, TX

Finally after 20 years of crap IWB holsters, a product I can actually use and be comfortable with. Found the Sticky at a new gun shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico/ ABQ GUNS/ really happy with it, can’t wait to get back to work, my fellow agents and officers will love this holster! Do your self a favor and throw that uncle mike crap away and get yourself a Sticky they are the greatest IWB holster out there. – Bob NM, NM

Just got the Sticky Holsters...they feel great and do what is advertised. Will be showing them to all my friends, family and most importantly my co-workers. – TJ – LEO, MI
Ordered on line on a Saturday - received on Monday. Best customer service ever. Great product! – Dave C., IL

The Sticky Holster is awesome!!It’s what we say in NC~~Crackamyer!! – Beth, NC

Quality of assembly is excellent - edge binding and stitching is what you expect from a superior product. Packaging is good for display and zip closure allows tryout for fit without destroying package. The MD-4 fits my Wilson ADP perfectly. My initial concern with carrying was security. After carrying for five days that concern has gone away. The holster and gun have stayed in-place regardless of what I was doing… walking, climbing stairs, entering and exiting vehicles, etc… I have been carrying in-front of my right hip or cross draw. Normally, to have a stable holster I wear a 1.5″ belt, with the Sticky I have been wearing a 1″ single layer web from Cabela’s. Here’s an important note: When you put your hand on the butt of the gun and pull, the gun comes out smoothly whether you are on axis with the holster or not. Most of the holsters that I have are sensitive to the direction of pull, if you’re not close to the correct line of the holster, the gun does not come out. – Chuck W, MI

In 40 years in law enforcement, I have carried every possible holster off-duty. But recently picked up two Sticky Holsters – one for my Glock Model 30 & one for my 5-shot SW revolver… unbelievable!! In shorts or dress pants, no difference!! Thanks. Great unbelievable product.” – Phil L. , LEO, FL

Picked one up for my Kahr P9 the other day and I love it... I am going to stop by and grab one for my CZ85 next and one for every gun I purchase from here on out. – Nate, FL

This holster rocks - MC, FL

Just discovered your holsters at On Target Guns, Kalamazoo, MI. Had never seen them before. I purchased one for my J-frame S&W. So far I love it. I’m in and out of the car in various forms of dress. It works IWB, in my jeans pocket or jacket pocket. I love it. It was highly recommended by someone at the store who was carrying with one at the time. Thanks. – Joe M. – CCW Holder, MI

I've just purchased my 3rd holster from Sticky - Glock 19 Glock 23C and now a Sig Sauer SP2022. I have found that they are extremely comfortable – stay in place – and conforms to the pistol exceptionally. For concealed carry they certainly provide the maximum in concealment and 5 stars for the company and service aspect. – Don’t hesitate to buy!!!!! – Rob James, SC

A friend of mine showed me his sticky holster one day. I tried it and liked it. So I bought a size LG-6S for my Taurus PT145 .45 auto. Perfect fit. Put the holstered gun anywhere in the wasteband without hassling with the belt. Easily draws out without any slip of the holster in the pants at all. The Taurus is a short fat pistol so this holster gives it the lowest possible concealed carry profile of any holster. Great price. Light-speed shipping. 5+ stars. – CWGF, AL

This holster is the cats meow! Mrooorwww! – Jimmy, NC

Just wanted to let you know I got the holster for my Ruger SR-9c with Crimson Trace and it was just exactly what the doctor ordered! The quality is great and it both fits and works like a charm! This is my 2nd Sticky and I couldn’t be happier with the product! Guess that means when the next piece comes in, I know where I’ll get my holster! Thanks for what you do. You make a superior product, reasonably priced and I just couldn’t be happier! Much success! – Kevin C, CO

Just received my Sticky Holster for my Springfield XD40 and it is already my favorite holster. Fits the pistol like a glove and keeps it right where I put it. Customer service is awesome too, I ordered the wrong holster, and they promptly exchanged it for the right one. Will definitely order again!! – Mike V, NY

I purchased my Sticky Holster from D&R Sports in Kalamazoo MI. I carry a S&W Shield. Love the feel and comfort of the holster. I was a little reserved at first but was sold after my first use. I was showing all the guys at the gun club my new holster. I love it! – Jason B – CCW Holder, MI

Got the holster & ankle strap for my Glock 27 - LOVE them BOTH!!!! Good feel, great carry. 2 thumbs up. – Kirk, WA

Just bought on for my Glock 21 duty weapon. So far I love it. It’s comfortable, and it doesn’t move when I draw the pistol. Great product overall. Will definitely buy on for my Sig sp2022 soon. – Josh, NC

Great holsters. I have bought a couple of them from Mobile Tactics here in Naples. They are really sticky on the outside so the holster stays put, but smooth on the inside for an effortless draw. – Todd, FL

I was given a holster by a fellow LEO. At first I thought there’s no way this will work. When off duty I usually cary a Para 1911, which is a heavy gun. I have used the Sticky Holster for 3 months now and love it. I have started to use it alot more then my other IWB holsters that were 3 or 4 more times the price. This holster is great and I plan on ordering more for my various other carry options. Thanks. – Nick H, LEO, IA

Bought the LG-6S for my Sig P250C, I love it, my gun doesn’t move, jumping jacks-it doesn’t move, sit ups-it doesn’t move, hanging upside down-i doesn’t move. Thanks for a great product at a good price. – Viktor, IA

I purchased a sticky holster for my S&W 042 and I absolutely love it! This makes off-duty carry so simple and hassle-free that I never leave home without it (the gun or the holster!) The holster is comfortable and truly does “stick” or stay in place whether I am using it in a pocket carry mode or just tucking it into my waistband. Highly recommended! – Craig M, CO

Bought this holster from the recommendation of a friend I recently ordered my first STICKY HOLSTER (July 2012) for my XD(m) 45 compact. The holster arrived within 3 days and was flawless in composition. I find it to be most comfortable and secure for day long wear. I drive professionally and it stays where I choose to place it, depending on the vehicle I operate. Prior to ordering, I emailed the company and was surprised that Mike Christoff responded. He was very pleasant and won my patronage by not “hard selling” this product or bashing the competition. It was that approach that has me now purchasing another holster. I recently purchased the Bersa BP9CC and would not think of carrying in anything other than a STICKY HOLSTER. As a retired LEO, a man’s word is his bond and Mike is speaking volumes. – David Smith, NC