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Optics Fit Holder Chart




Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact OR-5 MOD
M9/92FS OR-9, OR-9 Modified
Canik TP9 Elite OR-7, OR-7 Modified
TP9SF OR-9, OR-9 Modified
CZ Rami OR-5, OR-5 Modified
FN FNS/X 9/40 OR-7, OR-7 Modified
FN 5.7 FNX 45 Tactical FN 509 Tactical OR-11, OR-11 Modified
Glock 42,43,43X,26,27 OR-5, OR-5 Modified
19,23,48 OR-7, OR-7 Modified
17,22,21 OR-9, OR-9 Modified
41,34,35 OR-11, OR-11 Modified
HK USP 45 OR-9, OR-9 Modified
USP 9/40 OR-7, OR-7 Modified
Kimber Micro 9 OR-1, OR-1 Modified
R7 Mako OR-3 Modified
Ruger Max 9 OR-5, OR-5 Modified
Smith & Wesson Shield/Plus/2.0 OR-5, OR-5 Modified
M&P 2.0 Compact M&P Comp 9/40/45 M&P 9/40/45 Full OR-7, OR-7 Modified
M&P 2.0 5" OR-9, OR-9 Modified
SCCY CPX-RD OR-5, OR-5 Modified
Sig Sauer P938 OR-1, OR-1 Modified
P365 OR-5, OR-5 Modified
P365XL OR-3, OR-3 Modified
P229 P320 X/Carry/Comp OR-7, OR-7 Modified
P226,220 OR-9, OR-9 Modified
Springfield Hellcat XD-S OR-5, OR-5 Modified
XD Subcompact OR-5 Modified
Hellcat RDP OR-7, OR-7 Modified
XD-M 5.25 OR-11, OR-11 Modified
Taurus G3c, GX4/TORO OR-5, OR-5 Modified
G3 TORO OR-7, OR-7 Modified
Walther G5 Match OR-9, OR-9 Modified
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