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Sticky Holsters Makes Appearance on Outdoor Trails Network Radio Show

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Word is spreading fast about Sticky Holsters’ wide range of affordable concealment options. Recently, our Operations Manager Eric Rice guested on Outdoor Trails Network’s The Revolution to share more details about our product offering. The Revolution is a nationally syndicated radio show and podcast crafted for people who love the outdoors. And now, it’s also home to plenty of new Sticky Holsters fans.

Hosts Jim and Trav raved about the quality and price point of Sticky Holsters and shared how much their listeners loved the product. To supplement their passionate interest, Eric provided more background on how the Sticky Holster works.

“It uses compression inside the waistband or friction inside the pocket to secure the firearm,” Eric said.

He highlighted how user-friendly our products are and shared how the lack of clips makes the Sticky Holster ideal for all gun owners—regardless of whether they’re right- or left-handed.

Both hosts were dually impressed by how effectively our holsters work. They tested out the holster with their own weapons and found it remarkably easy to draw and re-holster their guns. And, they loved that the holster stayed in place with or without the gun.

The Anklebiter was also a big hit with Jim and Trav, mainly for its comfort, its perfect fit for a wide range of weapons, and its ease of use.

“We designed them to have a modular application, meaning that whether you’re carrying it on your ankle, inside your waistband, inside your pocket, inside our Travel Mount, the gun never has to come out of the holster,” Eric explained. He also detailed how use of our holsters helped minimize injury potential.

We now consider Jim and Trav two of our biggest fans. Listen to the full interview now.

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