Sticky Mini Briefcase T2 Phone & Accessory holder

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Old Breifcase

The Sticky Mini Briefcase T2 will comfortably hold cell phones and cases up to 3 inches wide.Flip Phones. The inside pocket of the Briefcase can hold money, credit cards, or your ID. It is also great for holding business cards and even your keys. This is an all in one wallet/phone holder. This can be worn by running the Velcro “A” Frame through your belt, or simply put the flap inside your waistband. The Briefcase is perfect for the gym or working out. Simply put the flap inside your waistband of your gym shorts, or yoga pants and it will stay in place. The Sticky material will hold your phone whether you are running, lifting or anything in between. Tired of breaking the plastic clip on your cell phone holder? Never break another phone clip again. If you are the type of person that is always looking for your keys, wallet or phone this will keep them all together and in one location. Grab it and go. The Sticky Mini Briefcase comes with a lifetime craftsmanship warranty similar to our other Sticky products. 


Internal pouch measurements are as follows.

H: 4.5"

W: 3"

Thickness: No more than 7/8 of an inch thick including case.


Recomended for iPhone 5,5s,6,6s with slim cases only. iPhone 5 and 5s with outterbox case or thick cases that are similar



Your phone might sit higher than the Briefcase as displayed in photo.