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How do Sticky Holsters Stack Up Against the Competition?

So you’re convinced that Sticky Holsters are the perfect IWB (inside the waist band) holster for your concealed carry. Not only do Sticky Holsters provide an accurate fit for a wide range of gun models, but you enjoy the super non-slip material that safely adheres to just about anything, including undergarments, the inside of your waist band, and even skin. But part of you still wonders if Sticky Holsters are the right selection, given just how much competition there is in the concealed carry holster marketplace. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea for a direct comparison between Sticky holsters and some of our top competitors...

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3 Advantages to Wearing a Waistband Holster from Sticky Holsters

Yes, we like Sticky Holsters—but until you’ve tried one for yourself, it can be difficult to put into print why we like our unique brand of holsters better than anything else out on the market. It’s not easy to demonstrate that Sticky Holsters’ unique blend of grip and waistband comfort make it great for concealed carry. But we think we’ve found a way to demonstrate why we’re such big fans of the product. Let’s explore what we think are three distinct advantages to wearing a waistband holder like Sticky Holsters...

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Sticky Holsters: Fashionable, Comfortable & Reliable Concealed Carry Holsters

Sticky Holsters are one of the latest innovative tools for concealed carry users. This revolutionary product virtually eliminates the use of heavy belts or clips, both of which can interfere with a quick draw when it is most needed. Many users stick pistols in their waistbands because it is simple to hide and simple to retrieve. However, this is not always a very safe option...

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