MD-4 Sticky Holster

MD-4 Sticky Holster
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  • Baby Glocks - Medium Autos up to 3.6” barrel.
  • For Spngfld XDs and S&W Shield with laser, please contact us
  • Ambidextrous - left or right.

Price: $24.95

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Additional Product Information

The MD-4 Sticky Holster fits the following guns:

Model Name Caliber Barrel
Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact 40S&W 3
Kahr CW 45 45ACP
Kahr CW 40 40S&W
Kahr CW 9 9MM
Ruger SR9c 9MM 3.5
Springfield Armory Micro Combat ALL
Walther PPS ALL 3.2
Glock G26 9MM 3.48
Glock G27 40S&W 3.48
Glock G28 380ACP 3.46
Glock G33 357 SIG 3.46
Glock G36 45ACP 3.78
Glock G39 45GAP 3.46
Glock G29 10 mm 3.46
Heckler & Koch P7 9MM 4.1
Springfield Armory EMP
Smith and Wesson 6906 9MM
Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact 9MM 3
Walther PK380 380ACP 3.66
Ruger SR40c .40 S&W 3.5
Taurus Millennium Pro 9mm 3.0
Bersa BP9CC 9MM 3.3
Walther P22 (3.42 in barrel) 22LR 3.42
Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm/40 3.1
Springfield Armory XD-S 45 acp 3.3
Taurus PT 111 9mm 3.25
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