AnkleBiter Leg Rig

AnkleBiter Leg Rig
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Requires separate IWB or Pocket holster.

The AnkleBiter leg rig is an exciting new modular concealment product from Sticky Holsters. It works in conjunction with Sticky Holster IWB/Pocket holsters - giving you yet another way to conceal carry.

The Anklebiter first wraps around your ankle and then wraps your holstered gun to create an ankle rig. Our AB differs from other ankle rigs in that the operator may set the cant or angle of the holster to allow the most comfort while maintaining maximum security. This system can be worn directly on the ankle, over a sock or over a boot. An optional retention strap is included. Please see our Anklebiter video for more information!

In your waistband, in your pocket and now, securely on your ankle, Sticky Holsters offers more ways to wear our unique products. As an added bonus, it will work with many other IWB and pocket holsters, even those with clips.

Price: $34.95

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Additional Product Information

Using the same self-securing design as our holsters, the AnkleBiter Leg Rig secures to your leg and secures your holstered pistol. Obviously, it’s ideal for small guns, but the size of gun is only limited by the cut of your pants. An optional retention strap (included) will allow the operator more retention for use during more rigorous activities.

You can even carry an extra magazine or knife right beside your choice of pistol. The possibilities are endless.

Watch our AB How-to

Click here to find a holster to wear with the AnkleBiter Leg Rig

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